Dominykas Digimas


sand recollections

This work is specifically made for St. Nicholas Church bell tower in Vilnius. The material of the installation is the sounds of its constructions and bells previously recorded in the belfry. On the one hand, it is like an audio commentary, on the other hand, it is a fresh memory of the present (former time) that has already become a thing of the past. As A. Tarkovsky writes: “The past is much more realistic or at least much more stable, stronger than the present. The present is falling apart and disappearing like sand between your fingers, gaining its material weight only as a memory.” The pre-recorded sounds become organically deconstructed acoustic memories.


Four speakers are inside the bell tower and are directed in four different directions. In the specific place where the bell tower is located, it creates an audio illusion that makes you doubt - is the sound real or is it a recording? Is the sound going from the bell tower or is it part of the old town soundscape?

4 channel audio installation for the bell tower of St. Nicholas church in Vilnius.


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Commissioned and premiered in contemporary music festival Druskomanija 2019

Excerpt 1 (headphones highly recommended)

Excerpt 2 (headphones highly recommended)