Dominykas Digimas


When you have a completely clear mind, without any thought - you can feel unseen matters through sound. When you listen carefully to the sounds which in our daily life for most of us are background noise, you get closer to the state of mind, when you almost can touch time.





2019 07 05 The Hague, Netherlands. A waves between breakwater at Northern Pier. Afternoon.


2019 07 02 Brussels, Belgium. A flock of parrots (Monk parakeets, lat. Myiopsitta monachus) in a tree, Evening.


2019 07 05 The Hague, Netherlands. Electricity transformer drone, Afternoon.


2019 05 20 Brussels, Belgium. Bells in the Abbaye de la Cambre Garden, Afternoon.

2019 07 04 The Hague, Netherlands. Seagulls at the North Sea. Evening


2019 05 20 Vilnius, Lithuania. Vingis Park, Evening.

2019 06 09 Nemajūnai village, Lithuania. Grasshoppers and other insects in the meadow. Hot midday.

2019 06 12 Nemajūnai village, Lithuania. A well in the cemetery. Evening.

2019 05 21 Colorful Springs Vilnius, Lithuania. Two mineral springs near the bank of Neris river. Late evening.

2019 06 08 Nemajūnai village, Lithuania. Night birds.

quiet recording

2019 07 15 Aisetas lake, Lithuania. Boat rowing, early morning.

2019 08 01 Druskininkai, Lithuania Lake in the middle of the forest, night.
quiet recording