Dominykas Digimas


VNO C.S. 17:00 – 17:08

The composition is made up of audio recordings from Vilnius Cathedral square – taken on different days though at the same exact hour. Like a picture or a video, an audio recording too can bring out memories relating to a particular place. In our towns
and cities, we often move in the same directions, and certain objects in them become reference points for meeting people; other places catch us each time in a different mood, with different people, speaking in different languages.

The title – VNO C.S. 17:00-17:08 – details the city (Vilnius), a specific place in it (Cathedral Square) and the relevant time (17:00-17:08). It is similar to a standard automatic code name given to an audio recording. Such time and place have been chosen for the easily recognisable daily soundscape, common in its character on almost every given day, and for the central locus, relevant to the city’s residents as well as its visitors. The time of the composition acts as though it was a zoomed-in, slightly slo-mo gaze.

8-channel audio soundscape composition



commissioned by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists' Association and
Lithuanian Composers Union

Excerpt 1 (headphones highly recommended)

Excerpt 2 (headphones highly recommended)