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In sense

This piece is a musical reflection of a state that visits a person just after waking up. When dream and reality mingle - certain actions, objects in the dream become inseparable from the real. When you start understanding the boundary between dream and reality, your mind returns to events which were generated by the subconscious. Finally, when you are awake, you see the last images from the dream.

Recording (Kotryna Regina Šiugždinytė - violoncello): Vilnius, 2014 

Kotryna Regina Šiugždinytė - violoncello

violoncello or violin


Premier (Arnas Kmieliauskas - violoncello) : Góis (Portugal), 2015 01 14 

Premier (Martynas Švėgžda von Bekker - violin) : Vilnius, 2015 07 23 

Martynas Švėgžda von Bekker - violin