vidinė vėjo pusė

The work is based on the novel "Inner side of the Wind, or a novel about Hera and Leandro" by Milorad Pavic. The book can be read from both sides because the end is not in the back but in the middle. From one side there is a story of Hera, which lives in the 20th century, and from other, Leandro, a gifted builder from the 17th century. Like the Greek myth, Leandro travels to Hera, but the storyline is not directly related and only reading the other side of the book reveals many encoded storylines, symbolic meanings.
Inspired by the combination of novel form and endlessly encrypted characters, this piece excels at exposing the essence of the book while leaving many questions.


"The inner side of the wind is that which remains dry when the wind blows in the rain."

“He was somebody's side. A strong, beautiful and talented side of someone who was perhaps even stronger, bigger and more beautiful than him. So he was a wonderful side to something magnificent and unattainable and she was the perfect whole. A small, disordered, neither very strong nor too cohesive whole, but still a whole. ”

Premier: electro-acoustic music concert „Vidinė mano pusė ir yra geresnioji“ , Vilnius, 2015 10 09 

Austėja Valušytė - piano

piano and fixed media