as it came into my little attic
piano and fixed media

as it came into my little attic – words from “I had nowhere to go”, book by Jonas Mekas. It’s the last phrase from a story which talks about how the author says it self - the “most beautiful memories”. This short story talks about how the passion forplaying music transforms to passion for listening of music –listening how the organ music, performed by his uncle comes into his little attic.Jonas Mekas stopped playing violin after his relatives started to call him Paganini: “The name calling. Paganini. I was very sensitive to name calling because they always called me some very undesirable name”. However, this did not stopped his strong relation with music.This story led us to think about how much do we stand against the constant environmental assessment, how much do we react to it and can we adapt to it so that we do not lose anything.

Marta Finkelštein - piano
Yiorgis Sakellariou - voice (recording)

Premiere: International contemporary music festival Druskomanija, Vilnius, 2019 05 11