I prowl down the streets of words
for any number of voices/ or solo voice & tape

The title of the work is a quotation from one of Jonas Mekas's poems (from the collection "Diaries 1970-1982"). This text paints a melancholic, lonely state of being lost in the streets and drowned in the surroundings, in words, in oneself. This journey through unbroken threads of thoughts is like an endless walk through a labyrinth, waiting for someone to wake up from this gazing out of the window at something unimportant.

This piece was a part of site-specific performance ‘Skambioji g.’ which was performed in Literatų st. in Vilnius as a part of ‘Muzika erdvėje’ festival.

Premier: Muzika erdvėje festival, Skambioji g., Vilnius 2022 09 10
Performed by New vocal music collective ‘Melos’

Listen (version for solo voice and tape, performed by Karolina Ramonė) :