no sense
string orchestra

As Sigmund Freud wrote in his work “Mourning and Melancholia”: “Mourning is regularly the reaction to the loss of a loved person, or to the loss of some abstraction which has taken the place of one […]. In some people, the same influences produce melancholia instead of mourning.” What he explains later is that people usually mourn not for the object of mourning, but for themselves, because they will never again have a contact with a lost person/abstraction of it. So, what they truly mourn for is themselves. The same model works in melancholia, except for it has no object of mourning. This piece is like a process of understanding that all those negative emotions are pointless and there is no sense to grieve for yourself with them. It is better is to take a wise look at a situation and go further in a way of Nō – tranquil, slow and quiet.

St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra
Conductor Donatas Katkus

Premier: International contemporary music festival Druskomanija, Vilnius, 2016 05 26