only first times matters to me
saxophone quartet

The work consists of three parts:

I. First time I heard;
II. First time I saw;
III. First time I met

Each of these parts is based on three different modes, each mode is exhibited using special pitch-duration ratio system. Musical material is the same in both - saxophone and sine tones parts, except for its temporal position and duration proportions. Although the material is the same, the combined resonance of the four saxophones and the part of sine tones interact with each other. This interaction produces different frequency beatings each performance differently. The result is constantly changing micro-events. This is determined by the space in which the piece is performed, the position of the musicians and speakers and also the position of the listener.
This whole principle is like a model of our normal environment and the events that interact with it. Each new acquaintance, experience, or another unknown phenomenon most actively resonates with us for the first time, after which it becomes commonplace, even though those phenomena existed before. The piece was inspired by Leos Carax's film "Boy Meets Girl". The main characters of the film are Alex and Mirelle walked through similar experiences. Their paths intersect several times indirectly until finally when circumstances arise, they emerge in the same space and engage in conversation. Alex's first words to Mirelle: "We met for the first time. Only first times matters to me. ”

Algirdas Janonis - alto saxophone
Kazimieras Jušinskas - soprano/alto saxophone
Arminas Bižys - alto/baritone saxophone
Danielius Pancerovas - alto/baritone saxophone

Premier: Vilnius, 2016 07 15

Listen and watch: