security | freedom
performance/instalation for violin and tape

Nowadays, one of the main goals for a person in 21st century cultural field, remains uniqueness, the search for one’s original voice. Reaching for a freedom of uniqueness and fear of being out of context are inseparable. Desire to be unique and keeping pace with a progress at the same time becomes very contradictory; as a result, we are under constant anxiety and trying to find peace of mind to fulfill the needs of the market. It is often thought that an artist is only working on his art all the time. But if he or she wants to feel socially adequate in a cultural field it is a must to create a myth about himself or herself. A myth, the story of the artist himself, about his works, his education, his collaborations with famous collectives or institutions, and so on. At the same time, the creator has to be quite active in the process of forming both his creative work and his opinion as part of the cultural field.„You can change to infinity, what an unlimited freedom ... So let’s look for our „I“, what a great entertainment – only on one condition – we will never find it. Otherwise the entertainment would end“ (Sławomir Mrożek).

Performed by Lora Kmieliauskaitė (violin)
Costume: Morta Nakaitė
Spetial bow made by Simonas Nekrošius

Premiere: 'Muzika Erdvėje' festival 2019