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Walking the same streets every day, we seem to experience the same ritual - we lock the doors of the house, go outside, walk the same paths, sidewalks, always bypass the streetlamp pole from the same side, when we stop at the traffic light, we always look at the same place on the other side of the street. But while the action taken is always the same, the environment is constantly changing, and although we often don’t even notice it, but we experience it. The sound events outside lie in our memory, a whole host of sounds of different qualities and timbres surrounds us and accompany us every day as we walk the same streets. S e n s e s c a p e is like many different transparent photos of the same place stacked on top of each other.

Premiere: 'Flaneur' LP release concert Vilnius, 2021 08 01

Performed by 'Synaesthesis' ensemble

Listen and watch:

Video by Kristijonas Dirsė