ensemble and tape

"It is a regular observation... that when you talk to the individual, and individual gives you insight into its inner preoccupations, interests, emotions... in other words, hands over his personal complexes, then you get slowly and really really into the situation, of a sort of authority; you become a point of reference; you know you are in possession of all the important items in a person's development. Now you see, that creates an emotional relationship to the analyst. And that is what Freud called the transference, which is a central problem of analytic psychology."

                                                                                                                            G. Jung

N.A.M.E.S ensemble:
Marina Iglesias Gonzalo - flute
Marco Sala - clarinet
Anna Lindenbaum - violin
Leo Morello - violoncello
Matthias Leboucher - piano

Premier: International contemporary music festival Druskomanija,
Vilnius 2016 05 26